Akhil confirms his second movie



Akkineni Akhil, the younger grandson of legendary actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao, made his acting debut as a baby with Sisindri when he was just a year old. In Manam, which is supposed to be ANR’s last movie, Akhil made a cameo appearance which won applause for his stunning entrance. His debut film as a full-length hero, Akhil released in 2015 and unfortunately bombed at box office. Akkineni Akhil made his film debut as an actor with Akhil, and his first heroine is Sayesha Saigal. The film is directed by VV Vinayak, but it didn’t do well at boxoffice. Akhil Akkineni’s second film has got a launch date.

The film will be launched on the 1st of April. Vikram Kumar will be directing this film and he has already commenced the pre-production work. Nagarjuna will be producing this film under the Annapurna Banners. The rest of the cast and crew are to be finalized soon. The director is thinking to take a Hollywood stunt master so that the stunts will be realistic.Nagarjuna is taking care of everything about this movie. We will have to wait and watch who the leading lady of this film will be. Earlier Megha Akash was selected, but since the story has been changed, there are chances that she will be replaced.

Since Akhil has had a personal setback in life we will have to wait and see if the movie launch will be a grand affair or a low-key affair. But there is one thing to be observed, akkineni family who didn’t inform anything about akhil’s 2nd movie has suddenly announced the updates of upcoming movie, may be their intension is that people should forget about the call off of akhil’s marriage.


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