Bahubhali 2 VS Robo 2.0


It is very common that people make records and others try breaking the records. This process might be difficult when coming to movies. It might take time to break the records of once the movie records are fixed in high level. Now the latest epic film bahubhali had given a thunder stroke to all the directors with its collections.

It remained the biggest movie with the collections of 100 crores in overseas, 100 crores in tamil nadu, 130 crores in bollywood and 135 crores in tollywood with their shares. On th whole it was said that bahubhali collections almost reached 1500 crores collections which is very impossible for any movie to break the records in a very short period.

Now robo 2.0 is on list targeting to beat the records of bahubhali 2. Everyone giving their opinion upon this saying it might break the records of bahubhali part one bt it is impossible to even come closer to the records of bahubhali 2.


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