Can Jagan Leave Prashanth Kishore?

Can Jagan Leave Prashanth Kishore?

YSR Congress Party Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy is said to be the brand to create troubles by his own. Jagan had appointed Prasad Kishore for the 2019 polls without listening to the party leaders. Now Prashanth Kishore’s idea has been put Jagan into troubles. After the failure in UP, Congress is ready to take the ideas of Prashanth Kishore.

As part of the plan, Rahul Gandhi meeting in Guntur on June 4th Prashant Kishore had written a strategy to clear the Congress from AP division angry. Assuring the Congress that the Guntur meeting should be a common platform for the BJP’s anti-BJP parties at the national level.
Jagan Mohan Reddy after knowing the whole plan of Congress, which was designed by Prashanth Kishore, felt upset. He realised that person who works dedicatedly to a single party may not do these things. but it’s too late, Jagan is facing the situations for his wrong decision.


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