Dhasari Narayana’s unfulfilled dream projects


Tollywood legendary director Dasari Narayana Roa is very well known for his list of movies. He directed around more than 150 movies and produced more than 50movies. He with his talent also took place in the Guinness world records. It was said that he dreamed of two projects in his career.

He wished to direct Mahabharatha wih a huge budget of 500crores and also a film with Pawan Kalyan. The project Mahabharatha, though was discussed a several times couldn’t move a step forward. Coming to Pawan’s movie, Dasara also announced a movie officially with Pawan Kalyan. He also made a script ready for Pawan. It was said that after Pawan’s movie with trivikram Pawan is to listen the script and finalize the film. But unfortunately Dasari left his breath before fulfilling his dreams.


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