Did Manoj Joke?


Manchu Manoj had recently tweeted in his twitter account saying his present film and the next project will be his last movies. He said good bye to movies. With this tweet of Manoj everyone got shocked and is confused about the tweet. When checked the post again it was seen that the tweet was deleted. This act of Manoj became a running buzz all around.

Everyone is confused about why Manoj had posted the tweet, and why did he delete it. Some of them came up with reasons saying. Manchu Manoj who is very jovial and friendly person as a person is also known for his funny acts and crazy things he does. They said that that might be a joke and he just might have posted the tweet for fun. Some other said that he might have posted it because of extreme stress from his family. Though Many are up with many reasons, It will never get clear unless Manoj open up about the issue.


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