Is the hero’s affair with aunty hurdle for the release date?


Asta chamma, Uhalu gusagusalade fame Avasarala Srinivas is all ready with his next film “Babu Baga Busy” which is a remake of Bollywood hit movie “Hunterr” that revolved around a sex addict and his lustful journey in life. The movie has been on the theatres by 12th of april, but got postponed. Here is the real reason of postponing the film.

The movie has landed in censor trouble. The board has not cleared the film. It needs major changes to be done to the story to get through the scissors of the board as the film is said to have full of double meaning dialogues in each scene and hero’s relationship with a married women are indecently framed.

So, the makers are now said to be re-working on the movie to cut away sleazy sequences involving Supriya and Avasarala. Now the movie release date has postponed to 5th of may 2017.


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