Jagan unsatisfied with Vangaveeti Radha?



YCP Jagan mohan reddy had expected a great future in Vijayawada as Vangaveeti Radha is looking after it. But later it was observed that the situations in Vijayawada hadn’t change even a bit. He noticed that Vangaveeti Radha isn’t showing much interest in his political life or in the development tasks of Vijayawada rather is very much busy with his personal life.

As nothing is going alright under his leadership Jagan replaced Vangaveeti radha with srinivas. The buzz spread over saying this is the reason for jagan replacing srinivas for handling the responsibilities of Ycp Vijayawada. But the actual fac is that compared to both Radha is much more talented and strong with his works. Everyone conforted saying there might be a reason for Radha to deviate from his focus on politics.



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