JayaSudha’s Status About Their Wedding Anniversary…


Posted March 17, 2017

JayaSudha’s Note About Their Wedding Anniversary…

Jaya Sudha is facing horrible situation in her life after the death of her husband Nithin Kapoor. Today is the special event of their wedding Anniversary after his death. Jaya Sudha remebering her32 years married life and wrote a status on social media Facebook.

Her status is saying “My beloved husband, confidante and companion, Nithin Kapoor, is with the angels now and is finally at peace-peace that he was trying to find for a long time.

Depression is a real and very overpowering medical condition. I would appreciate the media not sensationalizing this dark event in my life and respect it for what it is. My family’s privacy, in our time of grief, is of utmost importance to me right now.

Today, 32 years ago, i married my husband.it is our wedding anniversary. On this day i reminisce in the beautiful times that we spent together. I know that whether he is, he is looking down at us and protecting us with his love.

May god’s grace bless him with eternal peace and happiness. In gratitude of your love and blessings for my family. i thank everyone for supporting me and my family through this very dark moment in their lives”

JayaSudha’s Note About Their Wedding Anniversary…


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