Katamarayudu Telugubullet Review..


 Posted March 24, 2017

Katamarayudu Telugubullet Review..

Katamarayudu is a straight forward person who uses his strength to solve the problems.  He has four brothers, who sacrifice everything in his life for his brothers. However brothers planned katamarayudu to feel in love, and the situations in the heroine’s house.

Katamarayudu is the remake of Tamil super hit movie veeram. With the same backdrop we have movies like Rajasekhar’s Annaya bangaram, Harikrishna’s Lahiri lahiri lahiriloo .

Screen Presence:

Movie resembles Mass hero in addition to class director with Telugu nativity. Veeram movie is famous for its mass background, but Dolly shows the relationship between the brothers,   love scenes between Pawan Kalyan and Shruti gave special attention to the film. Class touch to veeram becomes Katamarayudu.

pawan kalyan actingin peaks as Katamarayudu, he has shown a anew angle in this movie. Pawan kalyan acting skills showed his interest and dedication towards movies. Moreover Shruthi, Pawan brother characters and villan Pradeer ravat, Ravu ramesh gave their best in the movie.

Technical experts: coming to the point, script writer Burra Sai Madhav and fight master Ram Lakshman stood first. Anoop rubens can give more better songs and background music. The producer got a hit movie Punch Line: Veeram’s class look is Katamarayudu

Rating: 3.25/5


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