Did You Know How Komatreddy Get Ministry?


Posted May 22, 2017

Did You Know How Komatreddy Get Ministry?
One of the member in Komatreddy brothers, the MLC Komatreddy Rajagopal Reddy, made remarks on Telangana Chief Minister KCR.Rajagopal Reddy, who held a press conference on the attack on his brother Komatireddy Venkat Reddy during the opening of the market at Nalgonda. He alleges Guntakundala Jagdish Reddy including CM KCR that he rules Telangana state as a king.

Komatti Reddy made sensational comments on Jagdish Reddy, That he got ministry serving alcohol to KCR. Jagdish Reddy, being an MLA, has been accused of misusing 37 Congress activists with MLA Gadari Kishore. There are 26 women, who questioned the police as they were attacked by the police. His brother Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy and his wife Jagdish Reddy expressed gratitude in Nallagonda.


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