Love Siddipet By Harish Rao


 Posted May 23, 2017

Love Sidhipeta By Harish Rao
Telangana Minister Harish Rao has copied the Hyderabad model for development of Siddipet constituency. So that he is trying to get a special recognition for his work. Telangana government had recently created a symbol of Love Hyderabad in NecklaceRod in Hyderabad. This symbol was placed based on this symbol in Mumbai. Now Harish is ready to set up the same symphony in Siddipet.

Harish Rao gave a green signal to make a komotii lake in Siddipeta as a tank bund. The construction of the fountains in the pond has been recently sanctioned to set up the Open Air Auditorium of the Batukkamma Ghat to build a bund as a ring road around the pond. Additionally, Love Siddipet symbol to be created on the pond bundle. Harrisravu went to the fresh morning Morning Walk where the Love Siddipet symbolism was set up.


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