Main Reason For Nishith Death..


Posted May 17, 2017

Main Reason For Nishith Death..

Nishith Death Mistery

AP Municipal Minister P Narayana son 22-year-old Nishith Narayana had come across the fatal accident. The high-end Mercedes-Benz car (TS07 SK 7117) was badly damaged and its front end was totally wrecked. Nishith and his friend Raja Ravi Chandra who also killed in the accident were not wearing a seat belt and this said to have resulted in their death.

Nishit Benz car has a capacity to travel at 100 km’s in 5.5 seconds. The car supposed to travel at a speed of more than 200 kms per hour on the day Nishith met with an accident. 64 kms is the maximum speed to be in danger for the costly cars to travel.


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