New Channel by Mithun Reddy.. Compitates Sakshi?


Posted April 20, 2017

New Channel by Mithun Reddy.. Compitates Sakshi?

Its a fact that media business is not profitable these days. Except a few established channels, most of television channels and media have been running in heavy losses that they are not even able to pay salaries to their staff for several months. In these crisis conditions also people are enthusiastic to run online media channels as well.

The politicians having Media channel is a matter of prestige to the publicity of their party. Some politicians like Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy shows their interest towards media- Raj TV and Visa TV to launch in a new look, knowing they are running in losses.

YCP senior most leader Peddi reddy Rama Chandra Reddy’s son Midhun Reddy, planning to launch a news channel.  Being friend of Jagan Mohan Reddy we can expect this channel will support YCP.





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