Oppositions Clean bowled To Kcr Bouncer!!


Posted March 17, 2017

Oppositions Clean bowled To Kcr Bouncer!!

Telangana Chief Minister KCR with in a span of three years progressed from being a leader to an Administrator. His plans and views are highly extraordinary; No one can reach his taught politically. Kcr took decisions that attracted all castes, trying to steal the hearts of remaining caste people.

KCR made promises to different caste people by distributing sheep to Yadavas and some other castes like Rajaka, Nayee brahmins, etc… He made all the backward castes including SC and ST into his side by his words and offers.By mentioning all the castes, KCR got support from all the castes.

In past all the backward castes are in support to congress shifted to TRS. MBC who support TDP are also converted to TRS. Kcr had a clear cut plan for 2019 elections; already he got the support from all castes.


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