Paytm job offers



Paytm has announced an unpredecented offer for the people who lost their jobs in the restructuring of the companies. It offered jobs to them. Recently Snapdeal fired 600 employees and Stayzilla has closed its operations completely. Most of the employees working in these companies have no other offer, but to silently come out of the company. In order to help the employees of Snapdeal, Paytm has put this offer.

In this connection, founder of Paytm Vijay Sekhar tweeted on Friday morning. “Hello tech, product people in Delhi, feeling dejected of business restructuring? We welcome you in Paytm and Paytm mall,” he said in a tweet. Vijay didnot mention any of the company names in his tweet, this offer is only for those who lost jobs in the Startups recently. A spokesperson of the business said that the company is expanding its e-commerce business. “We are recruitng for our market place and bank. Hence trained and domain experts are welcome. We believe start-ups have great people and they fit well in our culture” he said.