Rajini, Pawan… Remember The Past?

Rajini, Pawan... Remember The Past?


Pawan and Rajini didn’t remember the past. NTR, MGR and Jayalalithaa are the only three film stars succeeded in Politics. Not even the rest of the actors not even crossed the half of their success. Moreover, Legendary Big b Amitabh Bachchan itself suggested Rajinikanth not to enter politics.

When coming to Pawan Kalyan, the greater example is there in the house itself. his brother Chiranjeevi reduced his fame after entering into politics and starting a new party and having no capability to maintain the party. Many well-wishers advise Pawan not to establish a political party.

If the political theories are left behind, nobody knows the political strength of Pawan Kalyan. Voters questioning Pawan why to vote him again, he is not even questioning about anything and there is no use to vote in the past.


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