Reason behind Jagan’s letter..


Posted November 24, 2016

Reason behind Jagan’s letter..

Jagan eventually reacted on the ban of 500 and 1000 rupee notes…the idea and decision are very good says Jagan adding that there are problems in the process of implementation. The reason behind him writing the letter after 15days has now come out.

13 political parties worldwide have raised their voices regarding demonetization.. Nearly 200 MP’s have protested in the parliament.. Many opponent parties have attended the protest held by West Bengal’s CM Mamata banerjee. Political parties have called for a Bharath bandh on 28th of this month. But jagan who stated that he would take up for any protest against Modi’s sarkar if necessary did not  visit Delhi in these 15 days. The reason being,  AP entered into the picture in the recent conferences held at Delhi. In which while discussing on YCP, a political party member spoke on jagan saying..shocking changes in Jagan’s attitude.. Jagan, Chandrababu are collaborated..he does not have any perfection and changes with the situation.- said the opponent member. He also questioned that why Jagan, who would regularly come and meet government officials for his benefits, did not even visit from past 15 days. As soon as Jagan came to know this discussion.. May be remembering his requirement for 2019 elections.. soon picked a pen and paper and wrote a letter to Modi.



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