Shriya Bhupal Dance With Mega Hero!


Posted May 1, 2017

Shriya Bhupal Dance With Mega Hero!
Gvk granddaughter Shriya Bhupal, the fashion designer and Akhil Akkineni’s ex-fiance, after a long time, appeared in front of the camera with Allu Sireesh. The latest buzz is that the dancing pics of them were rocking in social media. It might be a private party or a small gathering.
After her breakup with Akhil Akkineni, Rumours created that Shriya had a visit to the United States and her family found an NRI groom to get married. but no one knows the truth.

Shriya and Allu Sireesh both might be family friends and danced for a song with such moments. We cannot comment on their personal status until they two reveals about their relation.


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