Star Heros Don’t Have Guts Like Nani?

Star Heros Don't Have Guts Like Nani?


It is well known about the caste feelings surrounded in Telugu film industry. It’s only fans praisings that all heroes are very united, But the truth is they look unity occasionally when the heroes are well integrated. Beyond the cameras, the originality of the film stars does not reflect the same on cameras. Recently Nani had cleared the threat with caste feeling problem very efficiently.

Nani posted recently in the social media during the NTR Jayanti. It is the essence of the fact that “the gods can celebrate the day when it is not known for their birthday.” Nani put this post with mythological characters made by NTR as a Rama, Krishna.

An unknown person commented that Nani had made this post with caste feeling. Nani gave the reply that he is a man who gives respect to elders and supports humanity and he likes ntr and also Chiranjeevi.


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