Sunil back to supporting roles..??


posted November 27, 2016


Sunil varma, an Indian actor, who won two Filmfare awards and three Nandi awards. His initial role was to provide comic relief to the audience. Sunil appeared in the lead role as a hero for the first time in Andala ramudu and got his breakthrough with Maryadha Ramana. His second film was under the direction of Jakanna S. S. Rajamouli. His first few films hit the box office, which made him feel comfortable to continue as a hero.

His latest film to release was Jakanna, did not bring expected positive reviews. For his upcoming film directed by N. Shankar, mathe kers are still in search for the actress. Besides the acceptance of audience, the issue being raised is the availability of heroines to pair Sunil on the screen. it is easily noticeable that the heroines Sunil is paired in his last few films are not that popular. The critics suggest Sunil to continue being as a supportive actor where he has a positive career.


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