TDP Brothers Neglects Babu’s Discipline


Posted May 24, 2017

TDP Brothers Neglects Babu's Discipline
TDP leaders sincerely follow their party’s chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu discipline principles. Moreover, the party is known for its discipline, but some of the party leaders neglect Chandra babu’s words. After a serious warning by Chandra babu some TDP leaders crossing their limits.
Operation Akarsh had failed in some areasEven if the leaders seem to meet up, the cadre does not meet at the field level. Not only in Prakasham District Addanki but they include where YCP leaders are there. These political parties came up to Karanam Balaram to manhandle MLA Gottipati Ravi. Let’s see how Chandrababu reacts about the issue.


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