Temper in English with a change In climax


The movie Temper is a record breaker for NTR, who is fed up with a usual climax. This movie which is a mixture of puri jagannadh’s direction, Vamsi’s story and ntr’s acting is a block buster in tollywood. The movie which is also remaked in tamil, kannada and hindi also remained to be a great success. Now ace screenwriter Vakkantam Vamsi has turned that trend on its head by adapting NTR-starrer Temper into a novel in English.

Apparently, the novel, which took Vamsi six-eight months to write, will have the climax that he had originally conceived when he first wrote the story for Temper. “The book will have a different ending for sure, but you will have to read the book to find out,” he says adding, “I can assure you the climax will be more hard hitting and honest than what you saw in the movie.” Everything else of the story will be the same, giving a more detailed discriptions of situations and plot of the film.


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