Women’s day is a crap: Manchu Lakshimi



Manchu Lakshmi is always noticed to think different and speak different. She did the same again. Today on women’s day, while the whole world is speaking about how important a women is and how a women achievements are, this lady twisted the talk speaking about men and their struggles. When Lakshmi Manchu was asked to apeak about womends day, she mentioned it to be a crap.

When the media stressed the word asking about her saying women’s day a crap, she answered “Do we celebrate Men’s Day? No. Then why should we celebrate Women’s Day? How women are lower? I am against this concept. Even men are facing same problems as women. So we have to celebrate Men’s Day too. They have their problems like marriages, functions, fees etc.” Anyways Manchu Lakshmi ideas always stood to be different.


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