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Baahubali’s reel father arrested!

Baahubali’s reel father arrested!

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Very few people might recognize who is ‘IMAX’ Venkat. But for everyone who doesn’t know him, here is a small reference. ‘IMAX’ Venkat has played the role of step-father to Sivudu (Prabhas) aka Baahubali. He is the manager of the famous landmark Prasad IMAX. Going by his full name, Venkat Prasad also acts in various Telugu serials.

Venkat Prasad is in a live-in relation with a married woman. The 33-year-old woman is currently living alone separately, after leaving her husband due to marital issues. It is known that Venkat Prasad and the woman were in a live-in relation for the past 7 years. The woman filed the complaint at a local police station accusing Venkat Prasad on the grounds of cheating her in the name of marriage.

She also expressed her pain and agony in media. ‘He was already married. He promised that he would divorce his wife and will marry me. Whenever I questioned him about the marriage, he always skipped it. Now, he says I am no way related to him and abandoned me,’ said the lady.

She also went on to add, ‘he cheated many women promising them roles in films. Venkat Prasad has to be punished severely.’

The police officials registered the case and are currently investigating the matter.

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