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HomelatestPawan Kalyan-Jagan combination?

Pawan Kalyan-Jagan combination?

Pawan Kalyan-Jagan combination?

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Pawan Kalyan and Jagan are two different people. Pawan is currently involved in building his party’s core, while YS Jagan has already started his campaigning for 2019 elections. In the latest news, a Tollywood hero has suggested a possible combination of Pawan Kalyan and YS Jagan working together. He believes that a political revolution will take places if these two political leaders can work on the same lines.

The hero is none other than Hero-turned-character artist Sivaji. He has been known for his comments about the political forefront given his desperateness to be in the limelight. Sivaji has been desperately trying to get recognition and stated that he would be more than glad to be a part of Janasena party.

The actor spoke in a round-table conference that discussed various difficulties faced by the Andhra Pradesh’s youth because of the partition. The conference took place in Kurnool. The actor also went on to criticize Chandrababu stating that, ‘Instead of fighting for Special Status for Andhra Pradesh which could give a ray of hope for the youth, Chandrababu Naidu compromised with the Centre for his own selfish reason.’

Sivaji further added saying that, ‘Pawan and Jagan should work together to create a Suvarnandhra Pradesh. It is only with these two leaders that state would be seeing any development. We would be organizing Chalo Assembly on 20th of this month to fight for the Special Status’.

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