Shutdown Imposed In Miryalaguda Town For Killing A Dalit


Miryalaguda with Dalits coming

A shutdown has been imposed in Miryaguda town, Nalgonda district for killing a Dalit youth in the name of honour killing.Getting into the details, Pranay Kumar and his wife Amrutha Varshini were in love since childhood and got married six months before against the girl’s parents wish.

Shutdown Imposed In Miryalaguda Town For Killing A Dalit

As per the victim’s wife statement, it is known that his father Maruthi Rao and his uncle Shravan were the main culprits behind this brutal murder. Maruthi Rao who belongs to a higher caste is very reluctant to accept Pranay to marry his daughter as he belongs to a scheduled caste. There were many arguments happened over the course of their marriage but Amrutha Varshini who is the own daughter of Maruthi Rao has demanded a life sentence or death penalty for his father and uncle. 

Killing brutally with a butcher knife on the neck while coming out from the hospital, the 23-year-old Pranay has died on the spot. This brutal killing has triggered a tense atmosphere in Miryalaguda with Dalits coming onto the roads and taking rallies for the justice of the innocent youth. Citing these tense situations, the town has been shut down completely on Saturday.


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