Medicinal Benefits Of Water..!!


  Posted March 22, 2017

Medicinal Benefits Of Water..!!

Water is formed when Hydrogen and Oxygen gasses get combined, which results to form water in liquid state. Water is not only used in our daily life, it can also be used to reduce some health issues.

Throat pain, Transils : take a pinch of salt in hot water and do gargling, There will be relief.

Cold, Asthma, Bronchitis: Boil water and add some turmeric powder and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil, inhale the steam for better relief.

Headache: Massage with ice cubes on forehead.

Fever: clean palms and foot with a wet cloth, this can reduce 1 or 2 degrees fever.

Hiccups: drink a glass of hot water slowly.

Dog bite: clean the wound with soap, water should be poured continuously to reduce the chance of attacking rabies.

Skin burn: wet the place to stop burning, to cool the burn area.

Cough: Drink hot water to reduce sputum gargle turmeric water.

Small injuries: wash it with cool water to reduce germs and bacteria, blood will clot at the injury.

Can’t sleep: take bath with cool or warm water.

Body pains: add some salt in hot water and do fomentation.

Pains due to swelling: rub with ice cubes.

Blood from nose: pour cool water on head and clean the nose with a wet cloth.

Dental pain: gargle with warm water.

Rumatism: drinking more water leads to decrease in uric acid.

Eyeball cleaning: dip the eye in a glass of water.

Stones in Kidney: drink excess of water.

Consuming less water…

Leads to dehydration, headache, tension, tiredness, body pains, dry skin, palm and feet becomes cool leads to many other diseases.

Timings to drink water:

1 glass of water= approximately 2000 ml

2 glasses of water- after workout or exercise will regulate the body parts.

2 glasses of water-30 mins before lunch or dinner will handles digestion.

2 glasses of water-60 mins after lunch or dinner will helps in digestive system become strong.

2 glasses of water-05 mins before bath helps in reducing bp.

2 glasses of water-in empty stomach reduce acidity.

Water consumption daily:

a person daily consumption should be 2.5approximately


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