Sonu Sood : Everyone please come forward, we need more helping hands

Actor Sonu Sood took to Instagram on Wednesday to urge more people to come forward and help those who are suffering due to Covid.

He posted a screen recording of his phone that shows the actor has been getting messages from people asking for help continuously. He says he is trying to help as many people as possible.

“The speed at which we get requests across the country. Trying my best to reach out to everyone. Everyone…Please come forward. We need more helping hands. Do your best to the best of your capabilities,” he wrote.

The actor tested Covid positive a while back but was back to helping people as soon as he recovered from the virus.

Sonu was appointed brand ambassador of Punjab’s Covid vaccination program by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh earlier this month. Last year, during the lockdown, he helped thousands of migrants reach home safely. He also provided e-rickshaws to the unemployed.

Sun-kissed Sunny Leone spreads warmth on the web

Mumbai, April 21 (Telugu Bullet)  Sunny Leone shared a string of sun-kissed images on Tuesday that capture her basking in golden glow.

In the Instagram pictures, Sunny sits in a denim short dress paired with a tan jacket. To complete her look, she wears sneakers and chunky sunglasses.

sunny leone

Rays of the sun fall on her skin adding radiance to her face.

“Sun-kissed,” she posted as caption.

Sunny is currently in Kerala to shoot of her upcoming film, the psychological thriller “Shero”. She had recently shot for the reality TV show “MTV Splitsvilla” in the state, too.

“Shero” is directed by Sreejith Vijayan and will release in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.

Sunny is all set to make her debut on the digital space with the fictional web show “Anamika”, which is billed as a ‘gun-fu’ action thriller and is directed by Vikram Bhatt.

Radhika Madan gives the Maldives vibe

April 16,(Telugu Bullet)  Actress Radhika Madan’s Instagram post on Thursday gives fans a reason to beat the heat. In the mid-shot pool picture, Radhika oozes oomph in red beachwear and designer shades.

“Not in Maldives,” Radhika write as caption. The witty caption, of course, refers to the fact that many stars have been posting beachside pictures from Maldives in the recent months.

Radhika had recently informed fans that she was going home to Delhi to spend time with family.

Radhika Madan

Radhika Madan

Radhika Madan

Disha Patani ‘mood’ photo

Mumbai, April 5,(Telugu Bullet)  Bollywood actress and fitness enthusiast Disha Patani have shared her various moods on social media.

Disha posted four pictures on Instagram, where she is seen dressed in a denim skirt and a backless cutout dress. She completed her look with a high ponytail.

“Mood,” she wrote as the caption on Instagram.

Actress Elli AvrRam dropped a comment on the picture: “Love this mood.”

On the work front, Disha has started shooting for “Ek Villain Returns” along with John Abraham.

She will also be seen in “Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai” alongside actor Salman Khan, and the Ekta Kapoor-produced heroine-centric drama “KTina”.

Disha Patani Disha Patani Disha Patani Disha Patani

Priyamani gorgeous look in wearing black dress

Hyderabad, March 31 (Telugu Bullet)   She is one of the few heroines who have good performance along with beauty. Entering as a heroine in the movie Evare Atagadu, this muddugumma .. In a short time, she gained a good reputation in Tollywood, Kollywood, and Bollywood.

Paruthi Veeran won the National Award for Best Actress for the film. In Telugu, Nagarjuna has acted opposite many star heroes along with NTR. She has also acted in heroine-oriented films.

Priyamani, who got married to Mustafa Raj in 2017, will continue in movies even after marriage.

Recently Family man web series Priyamani acting was super. She has also starred in a number of web series with movies, as well as judging a dance show on television.

recently shared photos of herself in a black dress on her Instagram account. Right now those photos are going tribe viral‌.







Ramcharan,Upasana happiest Photo

Yesterday Upasana share a post on Instagram. However, it looks like an old landing photo. This is a photo of Cherry and Upasana standing together on a bike. Recalling past memories, ‘Happy people … are fascinated by the happiness in their lives. I also totally believe this. The caption to the photo reads ‘throwback’ tweet on Instagram 

This pick is currently going viral on social media. Ramcharan fans are happy by seeing this post.

Tomorrow Ram charan birthday. fans are waiting for the latest RRR teaser for the birthday special.

Kendall, Kylie Jenner got drunk while doing their makeup tutorial video

Washington: American reality TV stars and sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner flaunted their makeup skills after gulpi

According to E!News, in a new YouTube video on Kylie’s channel, the sister duo filmed a ‘drunk get ready with me makeup tutorial.

Entertaining their fans, before getting dolled up, they both took several shots of tequila from the 25-year-old model’s new liquor brand, 818.

As the video starts, the Kylie Cosmetics founder excitedly yells “Are we really doing this?”?
Kylie later tells her sister, “I think we should take two shots for good luck before we go in there. Cheers! Thank you for coming.”

During the clip, Kylie explained she wanted for her and Kendall to show ‘a day-to-night look’ since they both already had makeup on. While Kylie decided to rock her signature glam, Kendall admitted she was going to get out of her comfort zone for this video.

“I feel like I could try and do a wing. I’m just really courageous right now because I have my liquid courage,” she told her younger sister.

Ultimately, Kendall made her eyes pop with a plum-colored shadow that she smoked out. She also contoured her face and swiped on a nude lip. As for Kylie, she brought the drama with a shimmery shadow that she paired with a pretty rose-colored blush and mauvy lip.

But by the end of the video, they both took their makeup to new heights, with Kylie donning a bright blue lipstick and Kendall rocking a purple one.

As reported by E!News, at one point, the two stars got a shout-out from their mom, Kris Jenner, who loved their looks.

“Oh, you guys look so cute. I love you guys…Bye, have fun!” she said on a video call.
While the dynamic duo both shared a few fun moments together, they also had a heart-to-heart conversation that left Kylie in tears.

Kendall began,”I don’t know if I’ve told this story before. When I would do my makeup for school, I had really bad acne…I remember the summer before ninth-grade was when my acne went crazy and I was like, ‘S**t. I’m going into high school and this one guy was really hot and I’m gonna ruin all my chances,’”

“I didn’t. We ended updating. It was the confidence that came from within that probably really turned him on to me,” she revealed.

The model explained that wasn’t the purpose of her story and got back on track.

Kendall went on, “The point of the story is. I would have so much acne and I would try and do my makeup…I knew nothing about makeup at the time. I didn’t know how to do my makeup, I’m in ninth-grade. I remember every morning we would show up to school, dad would drop us off…and I’d look at you and be like, ‘Can you see my acne?’”
Kylie replied, “Kendall, you make me want to cry.”

To which Kendall said, “Every day you would say, ‘No, you look beautiful.’ And I knew you were lying but I appreciated you saying that.”

Kylie shared, “It always made me sad to hear you talk about it,” wiping away the tears.
“It’s just when you have your own daughter, you just think about this. I knew it was your biggest insecurity…and it always made me so sad,” added the mother of one.
Kendall reassured her sister that “everything’s OK now.”

“Cheers, You’re my sister forever!” Kylie later added.

Release of another song from ‘Vakil Saab’

Hyderabad, March 18 (Telugu Bullet) Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is playing the hero in the movie ‘Vakilsaab’. The two songs already released in the film have been super hits. SS Taman is providing the music for the film. Recently, a song called Kanti Papa..Kanti Papa has been released from this movie.

This song written by Rama Jogayyashastri was sung by Bollywood singer Arman Malik. The song received thousands of views shortly after its release. However, the song was released a little later than the previously announced time. The film crew has already announced that the release of the song will be delayed due to technical reasons. 

It is known that the movie Pink, which was a hit in Bollywood, is being remade in Telugu as Vakilsab. Directed by Venu Sriram, the film is being co-produced by Dil Raju and Bonnie Kapoor. Pawan Kalyan’s role as Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Pink’ in ‘Vakil Saab’ has created a huge hype for the film.

 It is also the first film to come out of Pawan after a gap of three years and is eagerly awaited by the fans as well as the industry. Lawyer Saab is set to be released on April 9th. The film stars Shruti Haasan as the heroine and Anjali, Niveda Thomas, and Ananya in key roles. 

Adivi Sesh on Hindi debut ‘Major’: It’s an Indian movie

Hyderabad, March 18 (Telugu Bullet) Telugu actor Adivi Sesh is currently shooting for the bilingual film “Major”, a film inspired by the life of 26/11 martyr Sandeep Unnikrishnan. The film, being made in Hindi and Telugu, will mark the actor’s entry into the Hindi speaking market. Adivi tells you it is a pan-Indian film in the true sense.

“You always hope to tell a good story and I think Major Sandeep’s story for me demanded that it be told to everybody. It shouldn’t be a Telugu language or Malayalam language story. The fact of the matter is that he was a veteran of the Kargil war, he served in Hyderabad, he grew up in Bangalore, he is from Kerala. Is there anything more pan-Indian than that? We want people from everywhere to watch his story. Beyond that I don’t have a sense of trying to think about whether I am entering the Hindi industry or not, because in my mind it’s an Indian movie,” said Adivi.

The actor is also the writer of the film and he did intensive research to understand the life of Major Sandeep.

“There was a lot of interaction with his parents. They had become like my second parents. I talk to them on the phone a lot even now. Whenever I have a doubt in a scene, I just talk to them and talk to them. In addition, I did the obligatory speaking to the army, his colleagues, and friends,” he said.

The actor also talked about a strange coincidence that helped him write the scenes.

“I came across the nephew of Major Sandeep’s parents — Mrinal, an NRI who is sort of raised by Major Sandeep. He runs an Instagram account and all he does is he puts up old, unseen photographs of Sandeep. Getting a daily dose of photographs inspired me to write the scenes. I see the photograph and do research on it,” the actor shared.

The film is produced by Mahesh Babu’s GMB Entertainment and A+S movies and directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka.

Did playing the character have an emotional impact on him? “I can’t begin to express the number of times I felt so many emotions while doing this character and I am not even done shooting yet. What’s beautiful is that he was an extremely real, fun-loving person. He was always cracking jokes to ensure people don’t feel low around him.

So, that kind of seeps into your character when by default, you end up making other people smile. Without realising that end up changing your own mood for the day. I guess I am just glad that he can make me smile from beyond,” shared the actor, who will also be seen in “Goodachari 2”.

Telugu star Seerat Kapoor honing her skills as a singer

Hyderabad, March 18 (Telugu Bullet)   Telugu actress Seerat Kapoor, who will soon make her Bollywood debut with “Maarrich”, has been honing her singing skills lately and she shared the fact with fans on social media.

Although she hasn’t sung anything on a professional level, the actress says that her love for the craft comes naturally because of her family.

Seerat has started posting songs sung by her on her social media account and has seen a positive response from her followers.

“It is safe to say that singing is in my genes. My voice is inherited from my mother. I remember mom telling me stories of how my Nani (maternal grandmother) used to sing on the radio stations back in the day, part-time as a hobby. While my mom and both Masi’s (maternal aunt) would steal the show at every family wedding or other occasion. The men in my family are such ardent music lovers that the ambiance is set to nothing less than a celebration, each time we all get together to sing,” Seerat told Telugu Bullet

The actress, who has been part of many hit films such as “Raju Gari Gadhi 2”, “Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma” and more recently “Krishna And His Leela” among others, reveals she has also trained as a singer.

“I have been trained for around 10 years in classical singing and some of the songs that are my all-time favorite and I can sing anytime are ‘Lag ja gale’, ‘Tujhse naraz nahin zindagi’ and ‘Ao huzur tumko’,” she says.