Friday, September 30, 2022
HomelatestT-state Bewildered with The Encounter Of 12 Maoists:

T-state Bewildered with The Encounter Of 12 Maoists:

12 Maoists Killed In Chhattisgarh Encounter

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The Police of Telangana along with Para Military Forces have killed 12 deadly Maoists yesterday midnight and left the entire state in awe shock. This is the first encounter of this year in the two Telugu states.

Going into the details, the Policemen and Greyhounds are conducting combing operations in the area of Venkatapuram Village yesterday night. They started this operation along with the Chhattisgarh state Policemen after receiving information from a police informer. After getting the info, Policemen of two states surrounded the Maoists and asked them to get into custody. As the Guerrillas refused and opened fire, greyhounds started firing their arms and the result is the encounter of 12 deadly Maoists. In exchange, three greyhounds were severely injured and a constable named Sushil Kumar found dead while having treatment. The entire district of Jayashankar Bhupalpally has woken up to witness these unexpected proceedings. This is a huge set back to Maoist group who are trying to strengthen their force in Nallamala forest range.

Big names of former CPI Maoists like Haribushan and some banned leaders are expected to be identified in the encountered Maoists. Police are going to give a detail report on the happened encounter along with the names of dead rogue force men to the Telangana Government. CM KCR is yet to respond officially to this issue.

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