The Boy Lays Eggs In Front Of The Doctors! Baffles Everyone!


14-year-old Indonesian Boy Claims To Have laid 20 Eggs

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The 14-year-old Akmal, who hails from Indonesia, claimed to have laid over 18 eggs in the past two years. He has been admitted to the hospital several times. Recently, during on his examinations, the boy has laid 2 eggs in front of the doctors, baffling them. This blizzard incident is taking everyone by storm on the web. An x-ray release by the hospital shows an egg, in the size of a chicken’s egg, in the boy’s abdomen near his rectum.

the boy lays eggs in front of the doctors! baffles everyone!

Speaking to the media, the boy’s father said, ‘in all, Akmal has laid 20 eggs. 18 eggs in the past two years, and now the two eggs in front of the doctors. When I cracked the first egg, its content was only yellow. There is no white’.

Meanwhile, the doctors believe that eggs have been inserted through the boy’s rectum deliberately or may have swallowed them as a whole. Akmal’s father denies the allegations by the doctors. The hospital staff has quarantined the boy for a week to clear their doubts.

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