15 Women Fight For 1 Man with Police – High Drama In Front Of Police Station


15 Women Fight For 1 Man with Police In Gujarat 

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A shocking incident took place in Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat. A group of 15 women barged into the Naroda police station in the city of Ahmedabad. They demanded the release of their friend, who was taken into custody by the police. The women alleged that the police have physically assaulted them, and a video relating to this matter has gone viral on YouTube.Meanwhile, the police stated the three men, who are taken into the custody, are involved in a case.

Going into further details, these (15) women are living with the 3 men in Ahmedabad. Of the 3 men, a person named Vinod Kumar has been creating nuisance in the neighborhood upon consuming alcohol. The neighbors have complained about the same to the police. The police took Vinod Kumar into custody and registered a case against him.

On learning about the whole thing, the women reached the police station and started getting into a verbal spat with the police. They demanded that their friend Vinod Kumar should be released. As the spat got intense, the police have arrested three more women, citing that, they are interrupting inquiry. The video of women getting into a fight with the police has gone viral.

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