Jio Phones Bookings Tsunami

2 crores of Jio Phones booked in 2 days

2 crores of Jio Phones booked in 2 days

Posted August 26, 2017 at 13:11

2 crores of Jio Phones booked in 2 days: On August 24th evening Jio phone booking started and created a sensational new record in India. They predicted that 1 crore hand set will book per year but in the first year only 2 crores above orders can book. There are chances that the delivery can be late as the more booking.

Jio organizers thanked the people who are encouraging them. And they will try delivery as fast as possible. So they are following the rule that who booked first they will get first. The phone as fast as we book, so the people are booking even at night time also.

Even near the Jio outlet, retail stores also the same condition. So the phone manufacture should be done as fast as possible. But there is no information about where Jio phone is getting manufactured and how many phones are preparing. There are rumors that after seeing 1 week they can stop booking. So users are rushing to buy the phone. And these opposition Telcom Airtel, Idea are going to bring new plans in next month to grab the users.

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