Summer Effect: Hyderabad Witnesses 30% Rise in Electricity Consumption


As temperatures rise with the onset of summer, the state grapples with an unprecedented surge in power demand. Over the past week, the daily electricity supply has surpassed 300 million units, indicating a substantial increase in energy consumption.

Particularly in the Greater Hyderabad region, electricity usage has skyrocketed by a staggering 30% compared to the same period last year. The average power consumption within the GHMC limits for this month stands at 69.31 mu, marking a significant rise from the previous year’s 58.75 mu.

March 8 witnessed a historic milestone with the state recording its highest intra-day peak load of power transmission at 15,623 megawatts, alongside the highest daily energy consumption reaching 305.19 million units.

Throughout the week, power demand has consistently hovered above 300 mu, with notable figures including 305.43 mu on March 12 and 308.08 mu on March 13. This surge is attributed to the early onset of summer, which has led to increased consumption ranging from 15,110 MW to 15,403 MW between March 1 and March 6.

Officials point to rising temperatures as the primary driver behind heightened consumption, particularly in residential and commercial areas. Furthermore, anticipation of increased power needs during the upcoming harvesting season adds to the strain on the grid.

Despite the unprecedented surge in demand, power distribution companies assure that they can effectively meet the full electricity demand, with readiness to supply up to 16,000 MW daily.

In light of these developments, authorities are closely monitoring the situation and implementing measures to ensure uninterrupted power supply to meet the growing energy needs of the state.

Power Consumption Statistics:

  • March 12: 305.43 MU (2024), 289.73 MU (2023)
  • March 13: 308.08 MU (2024), 292.62 MU (2023)
  • March 14: 308.54 MU (2024), 297.89 MU (2023)
  • March 15: 307.35 MU (2024), 294.76 MU (2023)
  • March 16: 295.25 MU (2024), 272.32 MU (2023)
  • GHMC: 69.31 MU (2024), 58.75 MU (2023)
  • Highest Peak Demand: 15,623 MW


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