At Age 45; She Still Looks Stunning!

At Age 45 Mandir bedi cleavage Show

45 years Old Mandira Still looks Stunning

Posted December 30, 2017, 3:14 pm at 15:14 

She needs no formal introduction, her names echoes when you watch a cricket match. She was also a part of the super duper hit movie “Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge”. She is even associated with so many other fields, like social media, television cricket to name a few. Mandira Bedi is presently busy playing a vamp role in Prabhas upcoming high budget project Saaho. She was always termed as ‘Sexy Villain’ with alluring beauty.


The actress is already known for her beauty, she is now proving to be a bold personality by posing sexily in a recent photo shoot. Mandira looks not only bold and seductive in front of the camera but also of the camera. She is nothing less than any Bollywood, even at the age of 45, she is giving a run to many young actresses.

She was there for a brief period as cricket host, was part of hit serial Shanti, and her major weight loss post-delivery were all remarkable achievements in her life.

We can make out the actress is looking absolutely stunning and bold, she is perceived to be an ideal woman to so many, with her many long years of career on this New-year.

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