Sunday, September 26, 2021
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A Letter From Manchu Manoj Kumar


Now here Manoj’s Reply To Replies:

Dear Thinkers,

I wish people try to the context of what I said instead of jumping to their own conclusions.
In a video, regarding the so-called honor killing. I said they do not understand caste, creed, or status when they were in 10th class… and it applies only for that context. do not overextend and generalize it as a blanket statement.

I felt emotional an was petrified with anger at the people who are supporting the ‘Murder’… We can not kill another human being, period, whether it’s in the name of parental love or jilted love.

In an age where everyone is longing for love… two people said they are in love, got married. So as parents/friends support them to become mature adults and cherish their love rather than restoring to violence.

My sincere request and wish are to take it in a positive way and do not read in between lines and make far-fetched assumptions. By assuming, you are making an idiot of yourself and me.

In the end, humanity must prevail- Not cast, creed, religion, region, pride.

If you do not respect me fine, but at least show respect to women. Remember even you have a Mother/Sister/wife/Daughter.
Peace: Love you all…

– Manchu Manoj Kumar


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