A small piece of 36-year-old cake to cost Rs 51,500!

A small piece of 36-year-old cake to cost Rs 51,500
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A small piece of 36-year-old cake to cost Rs 51,500!

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Even after 20 years of the death of Princess Diana, she still remains in the hearts of many people around the globe. Realizing that Late Diana has still had a worldwide following, the famous auction company ‘RR Auction’ starting auctioning Diana’s belongings and various other things that belonged to her. The auction company recently created a buzz with its list of ‘items at the auction’.

The wedding between Princess Diana and Prince Charles took place on 29th of July, 1981. A wedding cake was also present at that function on that day. In their recent auction, the company has put up a ‘piece of Diana’s wedding cake and a postcard’ on its auction list. The small piece of cake along with the small postcard with ‘Buckingham Palace’ address on it is being auctioned. The auction price was put at Rs 51,500 (or $800 dollar). The wedding took place 36 years ago.

David Ivory from the Naval School of cooking prepared the wedding cake. Along with the wedding cake, Diana’s handbag is also being auctioned. The auction company representatives are expecting that Diana’s handbag would fetch the highest bidding amount in this auction. 

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