A Typical Complaints Against Two Girls From Two boys


In recent times, we see the incidents that related to intercaste marriages and honour killing. For those killings, there is some amercement in the law. Not only that but also many cases have certain laws. But, here is two cases are completely different and even the policemen also confused. The cases are identified in Hyderabad and the cases are… 1) A boy filed the complaint against a girl who disturbs his studies. 2) A boy filed the complaint against a girl who shows discrimination. However, Policemen couldn’t find out the sections about these type of cases. Let’s move into the deep.

Case -1:

A doctor’s son has completed the Inter education with 95% of marks. So, his parents have joined him in a NEET coaching center. Albeit, a girl also comes to the same coaching center. Suddenly, one day she was attacked by Epilepsy. Then, the boy was helped her and make her better. Thus, she started to love her and harassed him by sending gastly messages and unwanted photos. Due to these actions, he diturbed and his marks’ rate also decreased. Fortunately, his mother came to know the issue and she warns that girl. But, the girl not reacted, so his mother has gone to the police station with her son and complained about the girl.

Case -2:

 city and a lady also came as like him
A man has come to the city and a lady also came as like him. However, they both loved each other at some time but suddenly their realtion was broke up. so, the man filed a complaint against her in a police station for leaving him. He said that she used to spend friendly with him for 2 years. But, after she got know my family background, she is maintaining distance from me and she is showing discrimination.Actually, in the second case, if she is wrong, it would be a cheating case. As well as, the first case is definitely the harrsing case. Are laws only for Girls? The same things happened to boys also so those will be considerable.


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