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CS Assault Case : Arvind Kejriwal ,Sisodia And 11 MLA Summoned By Delhi Court

Delhi Court has issued summons against the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, vice president serve Manish Sisodia and 11 other MLA who have been Involved as a accusers in Delhi Chief Secretary assault case.The incident took place on the interceding night of February 19 and 20 at Kejriwal’s residence. A case was registered on the basis of victim prakash complaint, who had claimed that the attacked by AAP MLAs. Police are not clearly mentioned that role of specific people in the heinous act in 1,3000 charge sheet, But police booked kejriwal and sisoda under 13 and other people 11.

The court said there were adequate

AAP Leaders Amanatullah Khan, Prakash Jarwal, Nitin Tyagi, Rituraj Govind, Sanjeev Jha, Ajay Dutt, Rajesh Rishi, Rajesh Gupta, Madan Lal, Parveen Kumar and Dinesh Mohania also mentioned in the Charge Sheet. MLAs Khan and Jarwal had been arrested few days back, however Delhi Police were denied consent for their custodial addressing. Victim prakash still treating at Aruna asaf ali hospital, Doctor mentioned that he had swelling behind both ears and seriously damaged near cheek bone, apart from that he had bruise on the lower lip which cost him unable to swallow food.

AAP Leaders Amanatullah Khan

The court said there were adequate grounds to prove the alleged charges against the accused in the case. According to the reports, the charge sheet was Filed Under IPC section 186, 323,332,342,353, 504,506(II), 109,114,149,34 and 3. On other hand, Delhi CM’s official spokesperson not interest to talk about his case.

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