ABN responds on Pawan with legal notices:

ABN Responds On Pawan With Legal Notices

ABN Responds On Pawan With Legal Notices:

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has completely irked the channels TV9 and ABN to the core. The pro-TDP party ABN for the first time made its response official via its Channel by airing a copy of the legal notice.

Pawan did achieve what he has targeted via his Tweets. After dragging his name intentionally by a group of channel heads with the support of TDP, he has lost his patience and waged a war. Thus, he launched a tweet warfare on ABN and TV9 and their heads. On this spree, he termed the ABN’s head RK as Boothu Jyothi Ratna and asked all to use so-called abuse word as RK declares it as a widely used word in villages. Janasenani even asked the son of RK to offer him some manners. This didn’t go well with the ABN Chief and he approached the court of Law and filed a case on Pawan. Also, he sent legal notices to his new rival Pawan Kalyan and for the first time, he made his channel to telecast Pawan’s tweets for the first time to showcase their so-called legal notice as a counter.

In his legal notice, RK condemned all the tweets directed towards him and his channel. Calling him as a directionless politician, RK demands an unconditional apology to him and ABN for maligning his name in his tweets. Not stopping there, RK is using his channel to stress that his legal notices are troubling Pawan which in reality the latter gives a damn about them. For now, Pawan didn’t respond to this news today and the fans are waiting for a great retort from their leader. However, the new aspiring Politician of AP declared that his war on these Channel heads will not end in the near future. Also, he opines that his tweets have no legality as Tweets come under personal points and are completely fine under constitutional rights.


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