Actor Raja Babu Car Story #Affection Towards Children


India’s one of the noted actors in comic roles is Raja Babu. He ruled the Telugu film industry for two decades with comedy roles. His comedy timing is marvellous and best comedy actor ever in Telugu film industry. He won 10 Nandi Awards and 15 Filmfare Awards for his comic roles and really it is a record. Albeit, we know that he has two brothers Chitti Babu and Ananth Babu who are the actors in Telugu film industry. Recently, these two brothers attended a TV show and they said about an incident of their brother Raja Babu, i.e, the car story.

actor raja babu car story #affection towards children

They said: “One day Raja Babu was spending with his children on the house terrace. At that time, Sivaji Ganesan’s car went on the road and the children saw that red car. Albeit, his son has asked him, ‘Daddy, when will you buy a car like that.’ Immediately, Raja Babu has gone to Sivaji Ganesan’s house with Shirt and Lungi. Then, Sivaji asked the reason behind the arriving.

raja babu simply asked the car

Raja Babu simply asked the car. Sivaji said that it is 1 lakh worth, and Raja Babu asked him, ‘Give me the car, I’ll pay for it.’ Then, Sivaji said okay and Raja Babu brought the car to children and went to ramble. The next day, Raja Babu sent 25 thousand rupees by his accountant. However, Sivaji asked that why do you want this much big car? Then, Raja Babu answered, ‘My children saw your car and asked me. If I don’t make their wish, there is no use with all my affluence.”


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