Did Poonam Kaur Target Pawan’s Bestie Trivikram?


Actress Poonam Kaur Target Trivikram

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Tollywood faded out beauty Poonam Kaur has been in social media due to various reasons right from controversial Tweets and Kathi Mahesh’s alleged link-ups with Pawan Kalyan. Her recent activity on Twitter has now landed her in yet another controversy.

Poonam Kaur who debuted in Tollywood with Srikanth’s Mayajalam failed to make it big despite acting skills and beauty. After all these years, she came into limelight when she supported Pawan Kalyan against Kathi Mahesh and degraded him indirectly. Tweet war had taken place between her and Kathi but later she remained calm for many days. After all these days, her tweets against a big director has now become a sensation.

In her brand new Tweets, she pointed out at a big director who is always fond of NRI actresses as that director is extending his support by recommending a latest NRI actress with offers. Poonam questioned if his NRI’s interest is the reason for her failed career. Kaur went further and claimed that there is no difference between her and that NRI actress as both got only flops at last. For some who question the name of Trivikram, her next tweet declares it like anything. Poonam claimed that the director who made Jalsas with a big hero ended up as Agnyathavaasi when he got a flop.

It is very clear that the big hero is Pawan Kalyan and the director is Trivikram who made Jalsa and Agnyathavaasi with him. And that NRI actress is Anu Emmanuel. Poonam earlier got chance to work in Jalsa in the place of Parvathi Melton who is an NRI.

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