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Sri Reddy Leaks – Rolling Camera… Action!

Actress Sri Reddy Leaks Actions

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YouTube and Social Media have the power to turn an individual into an overnight celebrity. There are few individuals who are known as ‘social media celebrities’ for various reasons. Anything that is slightly away from routine, and orthodox nature, becomes viral instantly. This includes dressing, makeup, and even passing stark remarks. On a similar note, former newsreader and actress Sri Reddy became the talk of the state.

She enjoys a huge fan base on Facebook, thanks to her clothing, and strange posts. Later, she became a YouTube sensation after she spoke about casting couch. Soon, she became the TRP Item for Telugu news channels, who made her popular on TV.

Given the hype and following of Sri Reddy, the actress stated that she is coming out with leaks. Under the caption ‘Sri Reddy Leaks’, Sri Reddy has already begun leaking some private photos. In a series that is expected to become more popular in the coming days, she posted a pic of an unknown person. With the person’ face not shown, she paved the way for ‘wild’ speculations. She has been receiving a severe backlash on social media along with the support.

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