Adobe to bring new AI-based technology to its Creative Cloud


Software major Adobe has announced creator-centric artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology — Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) — to its Adobe creative tools.

At its annual creativity conference “Adobe MAX 2022,” the company said that the new technology will allow creators to give their idea to the AI and the machine will generate certain images. If the creators do not like those images, they can rewrite them and get something closer to what they want.

“We are investing our research and product design talent to develop an approach that centers on the needs of creatives by integrating Generative AI in Adobe creative tools,” the company said in a blog post.

The Generative AI feature in “Photoshop” allows creators to add new objects, create variations based on their existing images, or even add a new section to a composite.

The Generative AI in “Adobe Express” will allow less experienced creators to achieve their unique goals. Creators will be able to create unique text effects that marry perfectly with your image by providing suggestions like “electrical cables” or “orchid petals”.

With Generative AI in “Lightroom,” creators will be able to change a daytime scene to nighttime, change shadows and other details, and even expand a photo beyond the scene they shot, the company said.


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