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Africa To Break Into Two Parts – Scientists

African Continent Could Split Into Two Parts

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Scientists from London University and Ben Gurion University (Israel) are speculating that Africa would break into two parts. It is known that the earth’s solid surface is made up of tectonic plates that float on the water. At times, due to geographical changes, and change in earth’s dynamics, these tectonic plates move, causing earthquakes.

In their recent observations, scientists found out that Africa is, in fact, breaking into two pieces. ‘After the heavy downpour of rain coupled with thunders and lightning strikes, we noticed a huge crack along the surface in Western Kenya region, near the Great Rift Valley. The crack was 65 feet wide, and 50 feet deep. The tectonic movement is swifter than we actually thought’, said Dr. Ron from the Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Similarly, Lucia Perez Diaz from London University claimed that ‘the African continent can well break. It will take place in a manner that the humans cannot observe. It may not be possible right now. It might well take around 50 million years’. This is not the first time in earth’s recent history where a landmass has broken into two parts. For instance, North America and South America were one continent some 130 million years ago.  

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