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Puri Jagannath Shocking Comments

After SIT Interrogation Puri Jagannath

Shocking Comments

Puri Jagannath shocking comments: Director Puri Jagannath has a close relationship with drugs dealer Kelvin. Recently reported to the SIT officers suspected of having a drug habit. Puri Jagannath was investigated by the SIT officers for 11 hours and suspicions. Some people say that Puri has a habit of taking the drugs. Puri said that his family members are suffering from the news coming about him in media. how they think he has a habit of taking drugs. Speaking with media, Puri said those interesting things.

While traveling to Bangkok how they think to have a habit of taking drugs. he has been going to Bangkok for 15 years and every time Puri go there for the massage with one same girl. Puri said she was 55 years old and she was familiar with Puri family members. He would go to Bangkok only to write the script. He does not personally know who the opponents are, but he is stupid to say that he is suspicious of somebody who is badly campaigning. No need for Puri Jagannadh to be bad, he is close to everyone in the film industry. The news comes in the media as police suspect. Some say that who is not campaigning wrongly about Puri.

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