All corrupts are assembling in Delhi: Bihar BJP chief slams Nitish


While Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is on a political tour of Delhi to unite the opposition leaders, Bihar BJP president Samrat Chaudhary on Thursday took a dig at him and said that all “corrupts are assembling” there.

“Nitish Kumar went to Delhi and fell on the feet of Lalu Prasad Yadav. Then he went to meet Rahul Gandhi and then Arvind Kejriwal. If you see them, all are involved in corruption. They are the symbol of corruption in the country,” Chaudhary said.

When asked about the opposition unity in the country, Chaudhary said: “Someone uploaded a photo with a caption of Kharge Ji wanting to become president, Rahul Gandhi is Prime Minister, Nitish Kumar is Prime Minister and Tejashwi Yadav is chief minister. If two people are claiming the post of PM, how will Nitish Kumar’s opposition unity mission become successful?” Chaudhary said.

“If they had unanimously elected one person for the post of PM and the face of opposition parties, it would be logical but they are actually fighting against each other. Hence, how will opposition unity be successful?” Chaudhary said.

Nitish Kumar’s meeting with opposition leaders in Delhi has drawn sharp criticism from the BJP. The Bihar CM during the press conferences in Delhi denied that he has any wish to become PM of the country.


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