Sudigadu 2: Allari Naresh Goes Global with Crazy Ideas for Sequel!


Fans of Allari Naresh rejoice! The actor is bringing back his hilarious character from the 2012 blockbuster, Sudigadu, in a sequel titled Sudigadu 2.

Naresh is personally penning the script for the sequel, promising to pack it with laugh-out-loud moments and “crazy ideas.” He understands the importance of keeping the spoofs relevant, so unlike the original film that mimicked older classics, Sudigadu 2 will target popular movies released between 2012 and 2024. This ensures the jokes land perfectly with the current generation of viewers.

Naresh’s ambition for Sudigadu 2 goes beyond just entertaining Telugu audiences. He revealed plans to make the film funny on a national level, even for Bollywood fans. His inspiration comes from a personal experience in Turkey, where he was recognized for his role in the original Sudigadu. This encounter made him realize the global potential of parody films, especially when they target widely recognized scenes.

While Naresh is the mastermind behind the script, he clarified that he won’t be directing Sudigadu 2. However, with his dedication to creating a hilarious and universally appealing sequel, Sudigadu 2 is shaping up to be a must-watch for fans of comedy and pop culture.


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