Amazon issues ‘Dog Awareness’ message after US driver dies in dog attack


E-commerce giant Amazon has issued a “Dog Awareness” message following the death of an Amazon driver in a dog attack in Missouri asking its workers to be alert if a dog approaches while making a delivery.

According to Engadget, following Tuesday’s incident, Vice News reported that some drivers received a “Dog Awareness” message. As part of the advisory, dogs are referred to as “our four-legged customers” and “Fido,” in an attempt to downplay the risks some dogs can pose to delivery workers.

“We want to help ensure you aren’t surprised by our four-legged customers when on the route, so be sure to check the Amazon Delivery App for the paw print icon in the ‘Delivery Notes’ indicating you should be aware of a dog at this stop,'” Amazon advisory reportedly stated.

“If we know ‘Fido’ is nearby, we’ll add the paw print to give you a heads up. As always, contact the customer to help you with the pet, or ‘Driver Support’ in the delivery App if you can’t reach the customer,” it added.

Meanwhile, some workers accused the company of sending an ill-timed, tone-deaf message in light of the incident.

In response to Engadget’s request for clarification, Amazon did not immediately respond to whether the advisory was sent in response to the attack or drafted afterward, according to a report.

The company told Vice News on Tuesday that it is working with police to investigate the death, the report added.


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