Will Amit Shah’s Presence Help T-BJP Camp?


The TRS Chief KCR has made the Political parties of Telangana rush in their pre-election procedures with his smart move of dissolving Assembly. Its indirect partner BJP is also facing this heat and decided to help the T-BJP to go for the snap polls.The secret alliance between the TRS and BJP is known to all and with this reason, KCR is gearing up for the early polls thinking that the Centre would direct the EC to conduct polls in November.

 election campaigning and candidates selectionFor this, all parties have started their election campaigning and candidates selection. Coming the Saffron party in Telangana, none other than the National Supreme Amit Shah has decided to take care of the party. He himself will be acting as the star campaigner and will promote BJP in the entire Telangana. According to the sources close to the BJP bigwigs in the capital, Amit Shah will be coming to the T-state to kick start the series of 50 meetings across the state.

amit will be personally handpicking all the candidates by himself

The first meeting will be organised on the 15th of this month and it will be grand. Not just this, Amit will be personally handpicking all the candidates by himself.This extra care of high command in Telangana is wondering some Political lovers. They say that maybe this is a part of TRS-TBJP’s secret deals to discuss more on the post-poll alliances to checkmate the oppositions.


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