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Anasuya Secret Show On Twitter!

Anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj Secret Show On Twitter

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After Anasuya stepped in as an anchor on the comedy show ‘Jabardasth’, the shows TRP ratings have soared high. The anchor-cum-actress is famous for her above-knee roll skirts, and revealing outfits. Being a mother of two did not stop the hot lady from getting hotter and hotter with each day passing by.

After a certain while, it was reported that Jabardasth show’s TRP ratings are indeed propelled by her dressing, rather than the show’s content. She has been a hot favorite for thousands of Twitterati’s, thanks to her regular sizzling photo shoots.

Anasuya has been highly vocal about feminism and called for a change the way woman are being treated in the society. After she was caught in trouble, after she reportedly broke a child’s smartphone for taking her picture, the hot lady received severe backlash on her Twitter handle. In fact, she even quit Twitter after that incident.

Close sources revealed that Anasuya is actually live on Twitter, with a different Twitter handle. It is also heard that her stylist suggested her to come back online, as her fans are desperately missing her. Anasuya reportedly said that she is planning to be away from the micro-blogging site for the next 2-3 months. Interestingly, she is keeping herself update about the latest trends, and gossips on her.

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